Menu - Seafood Print

Seafood Items served with choice of whipped potato, french fries, american fries, baked potato, side of spagetti, or vegetable. 
Also included: choice of salad bar, house salad, greek salad, caesar salad, spinach salad, cottage cheese, cole slaw or a cup of soup.

FRESH LAKE SUPERIOR WHITE FISH broiled with tartar sauce $17.95

BROILED TILAPIA with lemon pepper seasoning and side of vegetables $13.95

DEEP FRIED SCALLOPS with tartar sauce $12.95

BROILED FILET OF ATLANTIC SALMON lightly seasoned $17.95

BAKED BUTTERCRUMB SCROD with tartar sauce $13.95

DEEP FRIED SHIRMP with Biloxi sauce $13.95

FRIED LAKE PERCH yellow perch from the Great Lakes   $17.95