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Dinners served with choice of whipped potato, french fries, american fries, baked potato, side of spagetti, or vegetable. 
Also included: choice of salad bar, house salad, greek salad, caesar salad, spinach salad, cottage cheese, cole slaw or a cup of soup.

*GRILLED CHOPPED SIRLOIN with grilled onions $12.95

BROILED PORK CHOPS two chops center cut with applesauce $20.95 half order $13.95

CHARGRILLED NY STRIP 12 ounce with onion ring $21.95

FRIED BABY BEEF LIVER choice of grilled onions or crisp bacon $11.95 half order $10.45

SIZZLER 8 ounce center cut top sirloin $17.95

BARBEQUED PORK BACK RIBS with tangy homemade sauce $22.95 half order $14.95

BEEF TENDERLOIN FILET 8 ounce with sautéed mushrooms $24.95

GRILLED CHICKEN KEBOB marinated chicken breast with mixed peppers, red onion, mushroom and rice pilaf  $12.95

FRIED HALF CHICKEN DINNER wing, leg, breast. thigh (no substitutions)

ROAST BREAST OF TURKEY homemade turkey gravy, dressing and cranberry sauce $13.95

LAMB CHOPS, four grilled & seasoned rack of lamb chops with a side of
mint jelly  $19.95

GRILLED BREAST OF CHICKEN 8 ounces, with choice of BBQ, teriyaki, honey mustard sauce or lightly seasoned $10.95

ROAST DUCKLING with plum sauce $20.95